"Córdoba", unfortunately, the Red Devils do not use "Lugaku" in full efficiency.


The legendary Inter Milan defender Ibn Córdoba honestly commented that Romelu Lukaku had failed with Manchester United in the English Premier League because the coach didn't know how to use it. optimized own

"Romelu Lukaku is a football thinkers around me," Cordoba turning point

, "I do not understand why he failed to Manchester United, but clearly that there can not choke. Can really bring out the true potential of Lugugi, which made last season a real nightmare for the players. "

"This kid has proven for years that he was born to be a top striker and good enough to lead a big team to win. And his determination for many years in the English Premier League has made him grow up with quality. "

" All of us on the Inter Milan team are very impressed that Lukaku is a great leader. He has made the atmosphere in the dressing room very good all the time, so friends love and respect very much. "

" It is sad for Manchester United to release such good players even when they are not fully used. But if speaking as a person of the Python army then It is definitely the best deal Antonio Conte has achieved this season. "

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